In This World (Spoken Word)

I have to say, before you read, this is meant to be read aloud, i.e. spoken word. It doesn’t have music, which some of you may say spoken word needs, but the layout may not seem right. Thanks for reading, peace ❤

As a writer, I have the power to use my words to reach out and express what I feel. As a writer, I’m not afraid to speak my mind. As a writer, we must confront what is controlling us.

See, I believe that we are the ones who
change the world
and change the woes of the
suffering and stop the killing,
because if we don’t,
it will kill us all.

I once heard of the death penalty,
a man killed for a crime,
later they discovered,
he didn’t commit.
So now he lies in a pit
of murder and injustice.

Just as Mike Brown,
killed and no justice.
Hands up, don’t shoot,
but it was too late,
that unjustifiable man had already
decided Brown’s fate.

Eric Garner,
choked to death on his
streets and brought to his
feet, by the clutching of power
and injustice.

They couldn’t fight,
they can’t stand today
and say that it wasn’t
because they are gone,
and most of us,
we’re ignorant.

Saying, it’s not our problem,
because we’re not in America,
is saying that the affect of natural
disasters is not our

It is.

We can’t be ignorant in the
face of violence,
we have to pick up
the pace of protesting
what is wrong.

I wrote a poem
for them,
and I hope there are
many more to come.

Though in this world
of ignorance,
that is a dream too
far away…


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