Page 3 is possibly, finally gone?!

Okay, so we may no longer have to put up with the objectification of women deemed as ‘news’ but The Sun still holds a website with these photos, which can be accessed by anyone. A whole website dedicated to the existence of page 3.

For the time being, I can’t go into much depth, but I hope The Sun is happy page 3 is ‘still between page 2 and 4’ which it always was, just this time there’s no longer a topless woman. Come on Mister Sun, to have a page 2 then page 4 is absurd, we weren’t asking for you to remove the actual page and create a new newspaper system, we were just asking for you to stop running topless women.

And we may have finally won with claims and reports that the topless photos will no longer appear in the family newspaper.

However, amongst this celebrating I can’t help but feel disgust at the arguments for page 3. As I sat in the car today, listening to the droning of Jeremy Vine, many of the following arguments cropped up. Of course I was shouting at the radio, but I definitely wasn’t burning my bra and throwing rocks at men out of the window, because that’s not what feminists are, but many people assume we are.

‘Page 3 is showing the beauty and the natural body of women’ – It’s objectifying women, and it’s not news.

‘Page 3 has always existed, it’s been a thing we always do. We celebrate our bodies with nakedness- even the Victorians did it’– Really? You weren’t allowed to show your ankles but you were allowed to show your boobs? Wow.

‘This is just a campaign run by ultra feminist scum’ – You are not really helping the fight for equality by labelling women, who are campaigning for change, as scum. Way to go.

I could sit here all night and complain about these arguments but page 3 may be finally gone, and it may just be a small step in a long walk that we have to take for equality.

Salutings to all you feminists and campaigners out there, we may have won the first fight of a very long war.

~Over and out,

Rachel ❤

2 thoughts on “Page 3 is possibly, finally gone?!

  1. Being paid to take your clothes off is a privilege only women enjoy (OK and a tiny minority of men). And modelling/ porn is a profession where women earn significantly more than their male counterparts for the exact same work.

    It is a proven fact that grown women are adults – not children or objects – so it’s safe to assume the women who were featured on page 3 chose to do it and chose to earn that money. Not that their motives have to be justified, but often these women do it to pay their way through college, or just supplement their income or just because they CAN and, hey, you’re only young once and why not celebrate your body and get paid for doing so!

    So having established that women are adults and they are acting of their own free will, what’s happened is that a bunch of nasty (jealous?) feminist women have shut down a source of income for these women. It’s really no different to forcing a cafe or shop or market stall to close. Those are also places where people with less qualifications or skills or experience can work flexible hours to earn money whenever they need it.

    So well done feminism. Another fire pissed on. Hurray!

    If the fire isn’t keeping YOU warm just piss on it. That’s the feminist way! Ruin everything for everyone else and then complain about being oppressed.

    Just think of all the millions of working class men doing their manual labour jobs in all weathers – jobs which feminists would never dream of doing (because they are the kinds of dangerous jobs which are the reason why men die at work 20 times more often than women). Now those hard working men who built the pavements feminists clip clop along on their way to their nice trendy indoor offices (which they also built) can’t even enjoy the flirty gaze of a perky twentysomething hottie as they eat their bacon sandwiches on their lunch break.

    And like the poor scientist in his original shirt given to him by a female friend, those working class men will just quietly tolerate the spite of feminists. They’ll put up with it. They’ll keep laying more paving slabs and building more trendy offices and laying the internet cables so feminists can start some new I HATE MEN BLAH BLAH BLAH twitter / tumblr campaigns.

    Last week it was pissing on a scientist landing a spaceship on a comet

    This week it is pissing on female topless models and working class blokes

    Who knows what feminists will piss on next week….. seriously, it could be anything.


    1. Firstly, in response to your argument about feminists ‘pissing on the fire’, I personally have no problems with women wanting to pursue a career in glamour modelling/porn. Women have to the right to do whatever they choose with their own bodies, as do men, and I think many of the supporters of ‘No More Page 3’ would agree with me on that. My problem is that I think that a newspaper is an inappropriate place for those kinds of images. It is ridiculously easy for a child to get their hands on a copy of The Sun, which markets itself as a ‘family newspaper’, whereas other publications where these images can be seen (such as Nuts or FHM) are kept on the top shelf and away from children. It is also a lot less socially acceptable to read a porn mag on public transport; not a lot can be said for those who have to sit next to a man leering over the page 3 on a bus. It’s a newspaper.

      Furthermore, it is ignorant to assume that only males perform manual jobs, and that every ‘feminist’ works in a trendy office. It is also ignorant to assume that every single woman (and man, as male feminists DO exist) that campaigns for feminist rights is a man hater. I can guarantee that I do not hate men in the slightest, yet I classify myself as a feminist. All I want is gender equality. Just because I support feminist values, does not mean I am not sympathetic towards male rights.

      As for the comment that I believe was referring to catcalling in the street (i.e. ‘can’t even enjoy the flirty gaze of a twenty something hottie as they eat their bacon sandwiches’), I don’t see how that can even be supported. Unwanted catcalling from strangers in the street is sexual harassment, regardless of gender.

      Feminists are not pissing on your fire. Feminists are campaigning for equal rights. I feel truly sorry for you if you are seriously judging a whole social movement based upon a very small minority of radical extremists you may have seen on the internet.


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