History was not made to be forgotten- Remembering the Holocaust 2015.

To forget a Holocaust is to kill twice- Elie Weisel (Nobel Laureate)

Today (27th January) marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in which we all remember the horrible atrocities and the mass genocide that took place between 1940 and 1945.

It is a dark and horrific part of the history of the human race.

We hear that we should never forget where we came from, and we should never forget what humans have done in the past. It reminds us that we do not live in a peaceful world.

However, there are many genocides committed in our history, and we cannot forget many of them, in particular the Holocaust.

Only 70 years ago today did this systematic killing end, with the liberation of the camp, and the world realised what was happening.

Survivors of the Auschwitz returned, today, for a memorial gathering to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the camp. Roman Kent, born in 1929 told the crowd

“We survivors do not want our past to be our children’s future”

They then walked to lay candles at the Death Wall where many were executed. As the BBC comments

‘small points of light in this wintry landscape of snow and ice, where Europe is remembering a time of darkness’

The Holocaust will forever be embedded in my mind. Having been to a concentration camp I have felt the despair at humanity and the guilt that humans did this to others because of who they were. That this slaughter is a darkness that leans over our history.

I will never forget the Holocaust. And many of the survivors plead that we do not forget it, they do not want this to occur again.

At the top of the article is the photograph of the memorial in Auschwitz, which provides feelings one cannot even put into words.

In the words of many, never again will this happen and we shall never forget.

Channel 4 aired a documentary never seen on Saturday the 24th of January. It is ‘the extraordinary story of the Allied forces who filmed the terrible scenes in the Nazi concentration camps, and Sidney Bernstein’s attempt to produce a landmark documentary record of what they found’


In the famous words of George Santayana

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’



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