Starvation, Modification and Beautification: The Media.

After reading ‘The Vagenda’ which is a book providing a guide to the media, I have started to question the media.

I already knew that the image of always changing ourselves has been laid before us for a long time. If we’re not on the new Tapeworm diet (trust me this a real thing as mentioned by the book) then we’re tanning or whitening our skin (this is also a thing).

Apparently, we’re never good enough just as we are.

Being ourselves isn’t good enough for the media.

They insist on telling us that Britney Spears is ‘looking frumpy in her tracksuits’.

Really, she’s just a woman going to the gym, and one would never walk out of the gym looking fresh faced and airbrushed unless they were an alien specimen.

Pretty sure the fashion world would get their hands on that aliens secret to staying ‘so flawless’.

The media is the real reason we find ourselves weeping over a bar of chocolate as we flick through the pages at people we can never be.

It really is relentless the kind of things we face.

Before the males also shout ‘men feel pressure from the media too’ this is discussed throughout the book too. It is mentioned that even men’s magazines tell them how to get fit and get that body they want.

However, and this is a however, how many times have you been told that your make up is wrong, your face is wrong and there are ways to act around people.

If you’re not expected to comply with ‘sexting’ or being up for it whenever a male wants it, then your face and body are supposed to look perfect all the time.

The statistics are shocking, 5 year old girls finding themselves fat. There really is something wrong when the media is influencing girls this young.

The fashion world wanting to hook their claws into girls and drag them into hole which is self-hate and constant dieting.

From my own experience, I still find myself weeping when my make up isn’t on ‘point’ and my outfit doesn’t seem good enough.

I find myself crying at ridiculous times of the morning because, despite being less impressionable (you’d think I’d have the brains to ignore the media), I still do not find myself attractive.
I’ve spoken in earlier articles about how I battle with myself a lot and my appearance. There’s always a little voice telling me I’ll never be good enough and that I should act different because I’m a female.

I blame the media and I largely blame Tumblr. Soz Tumblr but its not always Cumberbatch and Ellen. The rainbow of food porn only stretches so far until you reach the ‘Thinspiration’ section.

As a female trying to find herself in this world, golly is it hard.

If you speak out, you’re loud. If you don’t speak out, you’re quite. If you eat, you’re fat. If you don’t eat, you’re skeletal.

But don’t worry, for I have an answer to this media storm of shit.

Be whom you want.

You heard me say this, be yourself.

The media is reaching its end, and soon it will be all out of air diets and crazy sex tips that make us want to gag.

Speak out against this horse manure that seems to be in our lives and bat against the tides of Cosmo.

Don’t worry if you can’t do it alone because there are many of us behind you, and it’s time to call bullshit for once and for all.

The Vagenda is written by Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett.

An article inspired by the book.

Stay yourself ☺

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