Oh, that dastardly website where absolutely everything is difficult to achieve!

There is one thing in particular which gets at me, and it’s the ability to report- which is as hard as it is to bite off your own finger (excuse the simile but it worked for me at the time).

You cannot report a blog without going through a silly and very lengthy process, which kind of gets you nowhere really. So many people have told me that Tumblr staff never saw their messages!

So, you’re being harassed, but Tumblr staff sometimes don’t give a shit?! Yay, you guys are the best (notice the sarcasm).

That’s why a few days ago I set up a petition for Tumblr to make reporting a blog easier!

It would mean the world to me if you could sign this petition, it means a lot to me!

You can find it at -> https://www.change.org/p/tumblr-yahoo-make-reporting-a-blog-more-accessible-on-tumblr

Thank you!

-speakupforhumanity x


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