Air Shows- An Opinion Piece.

I recently went to an air show, to be precise the RAF Air Tatoo.

Sure, it was amazing to see all the different planes and helicopters but it really had me thinking.

The RAF took time to show off the army planes etc, and I felt uneasy watching these displays. There was a display where the planes pretended to shoot at a target and there was explosions along with the sound of firing.

It created an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

For many, watching those planes is an honour, but for me, all I could think about was the reason they were built.

These machines were made to kill, and to fire. Turn that round, and yes, you can argue, that they were made to protect people.

Though, at the end of the day, some innocent person has been the target of those machines.

Someone has lost their child, their parents and their family to these machines.

So, argue with me that they protect us, tell me that people in our country have died and declare that it is necessary.

Really though, it’s never necessary to kill innocent people, and these planes, helicopters and jets were built to do just that.

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