To my Younger Self (Spoken Word).

To the girl I used to be,

listen carefully to what

I have to say and

follow my advice.

Don’t you dare sell

yourself short,

or believe you are

never good enough.

You don’t know this,

but one day

it will feel better,

just believe.

Yes, there will be bad

days and good days,

but the sunset

signals the end of a day.

Forget what they say,

because they

will not matter

in 5 years time.

Drink water,

and I mean pints,

hydration will always

be your best friend.

That picture in the

magazine is not

real life,

and never will be.

Its hard to look

as perfect as


but we’ll try.

You will fall in love,

and it will hurt,

but learn and

find someone who

gives you the world.

You deserve the world.

As you get older,

it doesn’t get


it seems to get harder.

People change,

and soon you won’t

recognise them.

The people who

you can’t recognise

shouldn’t be in your


To my younger self,

life will always be a storm

and you never know

when it will settle.

Take the silence as a


and find yourself

for a moment.

Read all the time.

Reading is your

gateway to everything,

and you can do so

much with a


To the girl I was,

you are smart

despite what

you think.

To the girl I am now,

please don’t hate


The younger girl

did not build you

as this.

To the girl I was,

wear whatever you

god damn want.

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