I gave it All (Spoken Word).

I gave it all,

I gave my soul

and you couldn’t stand

to look at me anymore.

I was used to being a door,

open and shut,

slammed hard and misused,

but this was different.

I gave you my world,

I welcomed you in,

but you destroyed it

and your life became

a sin.

The clock chime sank

through me when

I realised you were


You wore me down,

threw me in the ocean

and left me to drown.

You couldn’t even throw

me a saviour.

We were playing a game,

but you would always


You would leave me in

the cold,

whilst I begged to be

let in.

‘Just let me in,

tell me what you feel,

let me touch you,

let me heal you’.

You were the monster

under my bed,

in my wardrobe

and stuck in my head.

I gave you all of me,

I brought down my walls,

but you destroyed me,

made me who I am today.

I asked you to let me in,

but you slammed the door

so hard

and now my ears still



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