Tell me How you Treated Her (Spoken Word).

Tell me how you kissed her skin,

and told her she was beautiful.

How you spoke to her with

that soft voice you use,

when you tell me its okay.

Tell me that she thought the

world of you, and believed you

were the one.

That you showed her rainbows,

and smiled when she danced

in the kitchen.

You twirled her around in your

arms, as she soaked in the


Your arms showed her

she was the only girl

for you.

Tell me how she woke you

up with kisses,

and slept curled next to your


Her body collided with yours

as you made love

on the kitchen floor,

just as we did one day.

Tell me that you loved her,

and are sorry for what you

did to her.

You regret the way you acted,

and would change who you


Speak to me in that soft voice

you used when you

told her you weren’t angry.

When you whispered you

wouldn’t hurt her


Show me the bruises and

breaks that destroyed


Tell me why there was a

crack in the wall.

Answer me when I ask

why she was covered in

blood one night.

Tell me the truth,

and that she didn’t

fall down the stairs.

Say it was




Tell me how you

treated her.

How you were a


who beat her until she

was bleeding.

Tell me,

that when you look

in the mirror,

all you see is a



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