Dance Me Round (Spoken Word).

Dance me round until

we forget the time of day,

or where we are.

Twirl me in your arms

as we glide like silhouettes,

and dance in shadows.

Dance me round and

tell me its okay to be scared,

because life is a mess,

but we are piecing it together.

Whisper that its just me and you,

until the world decides

we are too good for the ground,

and takes us high above.

Dance me round and

when my arms give up,

and my legs are tired

please carry me to bed.

Tell me you’ll never leave,

but make it convincing,

we both know you’re lying.

Dance me round until you lift

me off my feet, but

please don’t drop me.

I am counting on you,

and you are the last

step before I reach the


Dance me round,

because thats all I have



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