To the people who say that You can’t do it (Spoken Word).

To you,

you cynic and you critic,

spitting your words of hate.

You’re such a pessimist,

but I’m pretty sure you’re just

pissed at how your

life turned out.

To the one who crushes


they may seem impossible

mine are just dreams,

however I still chase them

as if they are going to disappear.

You told me you believe in

God, but where

is your sense of


To the person who dragged

you down, and decided

to throw your

thoughts around.

Life is short, but

trying every day

can make it last.

Theres too many

I can’t,

I won’t,

its impossible,

in the world.

To the person who says

you can’t,

keep chasing that

dream that destroyed


One day,

it might come true.


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