Heaven & Hell (Spoken Word).

They told me hell didn’t exist,

but they also told me monsters


Monsters are what reflects back at


that shadow in the distance,

the nagging voice

in your head.

I’ve seen hell with my own eyes,

and it isn’t pretty.

I have felt the flames lick at

my skin,

and watched the devil

speak to me.

The devil has danced around me,

as I melted in

my own thoughts.

Hell is not below us,

or in books.

Hell is a place that exists.

and sticks to our skin.

I’ve tried to claw the

devil off me,

but the breath of

fire cannot cool.

I’ve torn at my own skin.

and tried to rip the

devil out.

The devil looks back

at me when

I see myself

in the mirror.

So, hell does exist.

You have to fear


that you feel every day.

That voice.

That face.

Hell is a place that


and we walk it

every day.

Look at the person

next to you.

Are they hell,




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