Free Speech (Spoken Word).

Free speech,

free speech,

do you want to spit it

at me once again?

Hide your words under

a human right.

A right to speak your views,

what you feel,

to tell the world how

this is real.

Free speech,

a draft of your insults

thrown into a computer,

targeted at someones heart.

Was it really free speech?

Was it free speech when Jo

told Denise to kill herself?

When that girl took her

life in her hands and

crushed her dreams

until they were gone.

And once it free speech

when John abused

Mike through his words.

He herded his feelings

into a cage and smashed

them in two.

I don’t see anything new.

Hide your insults under this



but know that

what you

are doing is wrong.

When will free speech

become an excuse

to be inhuman?

Tell me



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