I like reading because of To Kill a Mockingbird.

I probably owe Harper Lee a thank you, a pat on the back… a hug.

It was year 10 when I read To Kill a Mockingbird, and I remember it was hated by everyone in the class. No one wanted to read it and Of Mice & Men was the preferred text to read. However, I finished the book and found that it changed my perception on literature.

I’d always been a reader- but Twilight and various vampire novels had been my pick (I feel disgraced with my past self for that). I admit I wasn’t the best at analysing literature and it was difficult for me to understand what literature was trying to tell me.

The words of To Kill a Mockingbird seemed to jump off the page and shout what was happening. For once, I was enjoying analysing and writing about a book.

I always look back at that book as the first time I really thought I could do English as a subject. I felt good about myself for once.

The book holds so many happy memories for me and I find myself trying to pass it down to other people. Telling them that they should read Harper Lees great novel.

It might not be the best book you’ve ever read but for me I see it as the reason I am studying English today.

So thank you Harper Lee. Your novel really did change me.


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