It was Never Glorious (Spoken Word).

It was never glorious when they

fought in the dirt, and

died on the fields.

When mothers heard of


and fathers

didn’t return home.

It was never glorious when children

ran from bombs,


slept scared at night.

The war was real,

but we see it

now as

a glorious time.

We romanticise the death

and the pain,

the loss

and the hurt

felt by so many.

It was never glorious,


still games glorify guns,

and this is what they

call ‘fun’.

Children are playing

world war 3,

and parents are

letting them see

this as okay.

They play in the streets,

and call out death,

but what will they

remember when no

one is left to tell the truth?

I try to tell them to stop,

but this society is

way past understanding

what is wrong.

We argue what to say

and what is okay,

but we are blind

to our problems.

The world could put

on glasses and

still have eyes made

of sand.

I don’t know how we’ll

remember the wars in

years to come,

as they’re twisted in so

many ways.

I just hope someone

has a voice loud

enough to tell us


it was.

For now,

you will keep walking

in circles,

and thinking war is a


It wasn’t glorious,

the death was real,

life was lost,

and the world stopped.

But my voice isn’t

loud enough to tell

everyone this.


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