Not welcome Here (Spoken Word)

You must feel special

because I wrote this about


scribble down marks

and lines to


You always told me

you were never hurt,

and never felt pain.

But then


you said you were ‘fine…’

and then couldn’t finish

that line.

I was so blind to you,

when I was trying

to be kind,

you were ruining my


When I had such a

stance on myself,

and you were

whispering words

of doubt.

But this is

always about you,

because you never


I can always feel

you breathing

on my neck.

You must feel special,

because I think

about you.

Every day you

cross my mind,

and even though I’m

behind on life,

I’m always remembering


The amount of times

you told me I was worthless,

and nothing.

And when you cringe today

as I look in the mirror

and think I look okay.

You keep telling me that

I’ll never let you go,

that life would be lonely

without you.

I told myself that I would

never be loved,

and you agreed with me.

I watched myself


and you helped to

wash away traces of me.

You’ve always been on

my shoulder,

dragging me down.

You must feel special,

because you’ve been

around for a

long time.

You must feel scared,

because today I wiped

away traces you

were ever here.

I pushed you away.

You are the past,

the past me.

And you’re no longer





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