#DearWorld (A Response to #DearDaddy)

Dear World,
you do not know me yet
as I am not born.
I understand that the
world is beautiful,
and full of green grass
and water that shimmers in
the sunlight.
I hear the voices of
those around me who speak
of peace and love.
Some people even pray
that there is something
above us that will
guide us one day.
Dear World,
You are still so young
and have so much to
but you keep making
the same mistakes.
History is there
to learn from and
not ignore,
and you might call it a
when you sit in class,
and text your friends.
But World, it is time
to listen.
Dear World,
I am scared to enter this
world because there
is so much to fear.
I can hear the fights
and the news of
There is so much life
lost and we cannot
love each other.
We turn upside down every
day and we can never
find our way back.
Dear World,
When I am young I will
be exposed to so many
I will see pictures
that my brain registers and
they will stay with me
I may be a refugee fleeing
because I am no longer
safe in what I called
my home.
I may be a soldier forced
to fight for things
I don’t even think are
They may call me names
in the playground,
and beat me to pieces.
Smash my insides
and take my innocence
Dear World,
I won’t be able to run
from what you leave
for us not yet born.
There may be war
and death.
There may be nothing
left for us.
I am so afraid of
what will happen when
I am born.
Dear World,
I ask that you take a
look at yourselves.
From my perspective,
you’re pretty
Love one another
and stop with the
Jealousy can turn you
green if you let
Dear World,
Please leave a world that
I am not afraid to live in.
Please open your eyes to
what is in front of you,
and not what is behind
There are so many of us
unborn who don’t
deserve this.
Dear World,
Protect us when you can
and help us to create
a better future.
I can’t take another
of what faces us.


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