There is blood in my mouth as I stand up.

I curse the God above me who gave me these feet and get to my knees. I beg him to let me go, I’ve tried so hard to get here.

Doesn’t he know what I’ve done for him?

I stretch my hands out and feel the chains of life try to pull me back. All I can think of is how much I want it to all end.

I spit out the blood which is gurgling at my lips and look down at the river below me.

I’ve been fighting for way too long and I can hear the charging of horses behind me. It would take 10 seconds to jump in this river. I’d be dead in minutes if I held my breath.

I get to my feet and watch the water flowing beneath me. It doesn’t look so inviting anymore.

Maybe I should let them take me, I’m not ready to die yet. Maybe it won’t be so bad when they catch me.

I’ve ran away before and the punishment wasn’t so bad… it was better than death.

Something inside me is urging me to keep living, to keep on fighting.

My hands stretch out and touch the dirt below me. I grab it in my fingers and feel my heart pulsing in my chest.

Keep on fighting. 

This time I stretch out my hands and I’m pulled back by the chains of slavery.

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