When you sigh at the word ‘Feminist’.

I could be rich for the amount of times I’ve mentioned I’m a feminist, then people have rolled their eyes and looked at me as if I’m a totally different person.

Hold on, I’m not going to take off my bra, say it oppresses me and then burn it.

I’m also not going to blame you for everything wrong with the world.

I’m going to continue my discussion with you and my views won’t impact what we were discussing.

Fair enough, I’ll call you out if you say something that doesn’t quite agree with me or you express an opinion I don’t agree with. Though, I won’t shove my words down your throat and turn into a dragon (I wish I did, but this isn’t a fantasy land).

I’ve spent way too long hearing people say ‘oh shut up about the patriarchy’ ‘oh here comes your feminist talk again’ ‘oh just be quiet’. I’m not going to sit in silence anymore because I’m scared.

I guess change comes at a price.

The word feminist has these connotations but don’t give into them.

Get to know us before you judge us by the word.

I wish I could stop everyone who takes on the title ‘feminist’ to trash talk and humiliate people, but the world doesn’t work that way.

So when you sigh at me and tell me to shut up, I feel like you’re silencing the voice in me.

I feel far more oppressed by you than the way the word is used against me, apparently.

Feminist is a word which I was scared to associate with at first, but it proves a movement for everyone.

Its not about shouting at people for equality or bringing people down. Its about bringing females up and helping males at the same time. It tries to tackle a lot with just one word.

So when you sigh at me when I say the word ‘feminist’ think about everything you’re sighing at.

You’re sighing at the changing of how girls view themselves from a young age.

You’re sighing at the way we’re trying to change the stigma surrounding abuse survivors.

You’re sighing at the education we’re trying to give girls all across the world.

You’re sighing at how we’re trying to educate society on what feminism actually is. 

So, before you sigh, you have a choice…

Do you want to sigh at the change around you, or do you want to join the change? 


Until later, love, Rachel ❤




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