Why Brexit disappointed me.

*These are just my views, this is an opinion piece. I am not calling leave voters: racists, xenophobes, haters, anti-immigrants, etc etc etc. I’m writing what I believe, please don’t leave hateful comments*

‘Brexit’ almost became some kind of sick game that was being played around me. The immigration card that Farage pulled made me want to vomit every time I heard it.

‘I’m voting leave to get them out’

‘To stop people coming to OUR country’

I heard these words so many times on the news that I started to doubt the human race. I already had my worries about what we were becoming but this just knocked the final nail in the coffin.

I wanted to weep for what we had become.

The night before the referendum result I had this nightmare we left the EU. I dreamt that leaving the EU really was going to impact us. I woke up feeling safe.

Though, the result arrived, and it wasn’t all just a nightmare. The nightmare had come true and I was living it. I couldn’t go back to sleep and hope it all disappeared.

I felt sick and I felt livid at the response.

I couldn’t stand the thought that this had been a campaign that had become anti-immigrants. Whether they meant this or not, it slowly turned xenophobic and racist.

You only have to be pointed to that hideous poster Farage paraded around with him, and stood smiling and pointing whilst the camera flashed in his face.

Photo taken from The Guardian

The people who voted leave didn’t disappoint me, the voting of the country didn’t disappoint me. What the campaign became really disappointed me.

The politicians lies, the slandering of immigrants and the idea of a ‘Great’ Britain really got on my nerves. I was about ready to build a rocket and move to the moon.

Britain never lost what it had, it never lost its democracy and it certainly has never been anything but ‘great’. We’re the United Kingdom that doesn’t give up, we don’t stop and we certainly don’t isolate ourselves.

I thought we were better as humans and I had faith on that Thursday night that we’d wake up a stronger place, but we didn’t.

We woke up divided.

Some of us ashamed, some of us wondering what we’d done and some of us thinking it would work out still.

I still stand by saying we’re a democracy and we have a right to voice what we want, but I’m allowed to say what I think still.

Brexit disappointed me and it still disappoints me.

Boris Johnson abandoned ship when he was stabbed in the back and Farage is packing his bags ready to leave.

Racism has always existed, and we know that, but racists now feel they have a platform to stand on.

Brexit disappointed me because of what it has done to our country.




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