JustUsBox- Unboxing! (25/07/2016)

JustUsBox were so kind to send me a box of their new subscription service. It aims to bring couples closer together once a month with different date ideas. You should turn off Sky, turn off your phones and spend some quality time together.

Their first box is a stargazing date idea and I would like to state that I love everything in the box. I think they have done a great idea!

Clearly, they have put a lot of effort into this box and everything in it. The whole style and look of the box really surprised me and it was joy to open and explore.

So, lets get down to what is included in the box.

The box was packed to the brim with all kinds of things which I probably wouldn’t have thought of. It seems a lot of have an excellent date with your s/o.

The design on the box is so lovely and I think that they have done an excellent job.I especially loved the little glow in the dark stars which were stuck on the tissue paper.

There are activities, a date plan and some stargazing challenges for you to complete. The fact they provide you with constellations, ideas on how to run the date and astronomical events to watch for, really added to the effort put into this.

Some of the first things I encountered were Aero hot chocolate (a necessity) and a way to make your own Kepler Telescope. I admit I would never have made a telescope but this box has introduced me to this.

When I wondered (aloud) what the ‘Passion Pouch’ was my mum quickly said ‘I don’t think I want to know’. For me, I was a little curious as to what could be contained in this but was extremely excited when I found what was in it. UV body paint and a UV lipstick. They came with a UV light and I quickly ran into my brothers room and demanded I draw a smiley face on his leg.

I was pretty surprised to find a mini telescope in the box. I felt like Jack Sparrow off Pirates of The Caribbean but actually think it is very cute. I don’t know whether it is used as a keyring or it had a chain with it, but I think it is a nice touch.

The Star Jar and picnic blanket are some of my favourite items in this box. I think the jar helps couples to communicate what they appreciate about each other. It seems we’ve forgotten how to communicate face to face. We hardly do it but the jar will give us the chance to let our s/o know why we love them. I tried the picnic blanket the other day and it is waterproof so you won’t get a wet bum on grass, but its also super comfy to sit on. It wraps up easily and it is the perfect size for a couple to share.

The inclusion of a torch and flask is pretty handy because the torch is small (won’t take up much room in a bag, could hang it on your keys etc) and everyone needs a flask- especially for the hot chocolate! But, what I absolutely adore is the telescope provided. It is of excellent quality, is quite light to carry and I think it will be amazing to stargaze with!

The added extras of candles and Haribo just add to how fantastic this box really is.

Overall, I can’t wait to try stargazing (hopefully soon in a location with less light pollution). Look out for my review on the things in this box and how my date night will go!

Until next time, Rachel ❤


Instagram: Rachelushx or rach_jones96

Twitter: Racch_j

Snapchat: Rachelushx

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