Uni shouldn’t scare you.

I was getting ready for uni around this time 2 years ago, and it really got me thinking about how I found it. It is something I will never forget and as I’m going into my final year I look back on what being a fresher was like.

This is going to be a new section just called ‘University’. It will include tips, thoughts, ideas and anything else I think of. I’ll throw it all into that section to help anyone going to university this year or next year or sometime in the future.

Everyone always thinks university is going to be scary and people won’t like you. I had these nightmares of no one liking me and I would never fit in. Though, now I can say I have met some pretty cool people. The people who you least expect to become friends with will definitely surprise you.

University is always this big thing looming over us as we get older. We have to leave home for the first time, look after ourselves independently and meet all kinds of people. In my experience I’ve met some good and bad people… luckily, mainly good.

I hope that uni has changed me for the better. I think it has helped me to grow into my own skin and I am starting to feel comfortable with who I am. It has helped me to explore new horizons, question my knowledge and wonder about my sexuality.

It hasn’t been scary. It has been absolutely amazing.

And I can’t wait for my third year to begin.



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