Personal Pieces: 10 Things to Live For.

1.The smell of freshly cut grass.

This gets me all the time. It smells like life and nature to me.

2. The sound of your heart beating.

It can keep your mind silent when you’re panicking.

I find that lying in a dark room in silence can really help me. All I have to hear is my heart beat and the fact that I’m still alive.

3. Someone saying they love you.

Saying ‘I love you’ has never come easy to me. It took me a while to say it to my boyfriend but when I said it I felt so happy.

When he whispers it to me I feel so happy. I feel as if everything I think about myself has gone.

4.Watching the Sunset. 

I can only emphasise how beautiful it is to watch a sunset. It is as if everything stops for five minutes and you realise just how beautiful the world is.

5. Making someone smile.

This is one of my favourite things. I try to make people smile as much as I can, and I’ll smile at anyone who I can. Sometimes if people smile back, I feel as if maybe I’ve made their day just a little bit better.

6. Music.

Have you ever thought how beautiful music is?

I think it astonishing how amazing sounds can come from one instrument or how people can have such lovely voices.

7. Finding someone who looks at you as if you’re their world. 

Call me cliché, but I think the day when you find someone who lights up the dark will change you as a person.

8. Animals

Maybe you like to watch them and are astonished by how intelligent they are, or you want to campaign for animal rights. There is a whole lot we can do for animals.

9. The Stars 

Lay down on the grass and watch the stars above your head.

I always find it fascinating and, again, it provides a sense of how awesome and beautiful our world really is.

10. Yourself. 

Live for the person who you want to be or the person you aspire to be.

Live for your body that fights to keep you alive every single day.



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