#LoveChinChin Review

I recently received a lovely little parcel from Love Chin Chin. They created a product which ‘is the West African sweet snack sensation that ‘crunches like a biscuit, tastes like a cake!’ (Taken from @LoveChinChinUK).

I was pretty excited to try these as I’m always someone who likes to try new things. They sounds quite different to anything I’ve tried before, plus, they seemed to create them in great flavours.

I thought they’d send me one or two samples, but they sent me 4 packets to try. I did a first impressions video with my brother, which I’ll link down below, but I thought I’d write out my review as well.

Firstly, I love the packaging and the appearance. I love how the colours change of the person on the front wearing a scarf and jewellery. The colours are really bright and provide these lovely African patterns.


I really loved the cinnamon flavour and thought they were pretty tasty. If you don’t like cinnamon, then maybe don’t try this flavour… it sure packs a punch.

Maybe a pretty good and warming snack for Autumn.


The lemon was refreshing and a subtle lemon taste. They weren’t too bitter and I could have eaten them all day!

I think my brother liked this flavour… but then again he liked every flavour….


These were pretty plain so would go great with anything. Maybe a good snack with a cup of tea, an addition to a flavoursome dessert or great by themselves.

Not my favourite but still lovely to eat.


Despite what my brother says, these were pretty hot. I’m not really a lover of spicy food, so these seemed pretty hot to me. Packed a punt, but a little surprise and not quite my cup of tea.


Overall, I loved these little snacks. They are very cute, come in lovely flavours and provide something different to the average snack. Would definitely recommend.



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