September Goals.

As we greet a new month, I have decided to look at what I want to achieve this month. Maybe I won’t achieve all of these things this month, but I’ll try to achieve them in the next couple of months.

  1. Write more. I mean write spoken word, poetry, prose, blog posts, etc etc etc. I just want to keep on writing… I’d hate to lose my love for it, again.
  2. Learn to love myself. You can think that you love yourself… but truly deep down, it really isn’t that easy. I want to like what I see, be proud of what I am and not worry so much about my weight.
  3. Continue to work out. I’ve started this and I’ll actually carry on this time.
  4. Enjoy Freshers for the last time! This will be my last and *hopefully* my best freshers. The others have been ruined by things… I won’t let this one go to waste.
  5. Meet new people. I really love to meet new people and I won’t hold back on saying hello. You only have a short time here, so why ignore everyone around you? Say hello, step out of your comfort zone.
  6. Meet lots of cool people at Lush Creative Showcase. Yep, thats right, I’m going to a Lush event and I’m really really excited. I’ll meet so many cool people who blog, see new products and have a great time.
  7. Love playing piano. I used to love sitting down and playing, and I do every now and then, but I want to take it up again. I can sit down and play, but I want to improve.
  8. Read more. I don’t think I’ve read enough the past couple of months, and since I do an English degree… I should probably read.
  9. YouTube A LOT. Hoping to add hauls, blogs etc to my channel… I’m hoping to vlog Lush Showcase in London.
  10. Bake. I’ve baked in the past and I love it, but I stopped baking and I want to start again.
  11. Buy less Lush. Yep, you also heard that right… I’m moving towards lifestyle, and I can’t afford SO MUCH Lush that will take me 100 years to use.
  12. Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I don’t think I had one last year… and was it even Autumn if you didn’t drink a PSL????
  13. Buy some cute Autumn candles. I don’t think I bought many candles last year… I buy wax melts, but I never buy candles… maybe a good time to start?
  14. Socialise more. I think I can be a pretty unsocial person sometimes, but I’m trying to be this person who everyone can talk to… and I will talk far more than I normally do.
  15. Cut people who drag me down. I have faced some pretty strange friendships, but some aren’t even worth the weight they bring with them. Real friends are hard to hold onto but will try, fake friends will leave if they can’t be bothered with you.
  16. Write what I believe. Sometimes, I’m very scared to write about a topic because of the backlash I get… but who really cares?
  17. Try performing Spoken Word live. I’m terrified to perform it live because maybe it isn’t very good, maybe it won’t give the message I’m trying to present, or maybe I’ll forget the words. Time to overcome that fear.
  18. Take up driving lessons again. I know how to drive, I can do this… I just need to get over the fear that I’m not good enough.
  19. Join a sports club, or stick to a sport. I joined the Equestrian club last year, but never rode a horse due to injuries… not this year.
  20. Start my final year of uni. This is when shit gets real scary.


See you next time,

Rachel ❤


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