We can Never Forget what They saw. (Spoken Word)

I don’t know how to start this.

How do you write something like


I wish there was a simple way.

A way to say,

‘I’m sorry for what happened’,

without sounding as distant as

the moon.

Maybe it’s too soon to talk about


but then I can’t miss

this time.

I wonder how you talk

about war,

about what others saw.

How a child died in front

of your eyes.

You saw a tear cry as

the breath left their

tiny body.

I don’t know how I

remember 15 years of death.

I can’t recall every



and never ending list.

I was just 5 years old when the

Twin Towers were hit.

I remember when Peace quit

his job and handed it

to the Devil.

We grew in a world

damaged by thinking violence

was the answer.

It spread just like cancer,

and couldn’t be stopped.

Politicians polluting our world

with rivers of


Soldiers who waded through mud

to take innocent lives.

Some swear they saw the Devil

in the smoke

that day,

that we had to pay for our sins.

Bodies floated like leaves from a tree.

Pictures that everyone should see.

I’ve waited for Peace to arrive,

but it appears his flight has been

delayed for years.

Tears cried for the children before

they grew.

They probably never knew of 9/11,

but they were taken by hate.

It is too late to say sorry,

and that it shouldn’t have happened.

You can never clean your hands

of guilt and blood.

They said it should be done,

but it was never the answer.

The Devil is a

dancer and you

are linking

arms with him.

We live in a world

of death,

of pain,

and it continues… again… again…

I hope there is a God because

I pray to him

every night.

The World needs to know

right and wrong.

The children sang of peace one day.

They hope we may leave this World

better than it is.

We’re the hateful generation,

born in a world of war.

We forget how many

have died.

We can never forget what





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