Taking Life by the Hands.

I’ve always shied away

from happiness,

I thought it was just

a dream,

but it seems everyone

is content.

I wonder how long

I’ve spent looking into


Wondering how I can

dig my way out.

I used to shout at

myself because

I never knew what

it was to live.

I just hope I can

forgive myself for

taking a few years


Waking up to see

leaves, and colour.

Hearing the love in

my mother’s voice.

Asking how we

got here.

Drinking beer.

Feeling my heart thump

for the wrong people.

Wearing clothes

that others would


Waiting for the

good around the


Hearing the sea

crashing against

the sand.

Respecting other faiths.

Slowing down to see

the world.

My ears can only

take in so much.

My eyes can clearly see

the mysteries of


It has taken me

a while to get here,

but now I don’t fear

what is ahead.

Whatever hits me is just

a bump,

a scar that marks the land.

I’m learning to take

life by the



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