They told me that

university is

full of diversity,

but I never believed them.

Call me a pessimist,

but I wasn’t looking at a


I was looking at an education.

They say uni will be the

best experience,

but that’s how I describe Keele.

I was stumped how to

write this,

but I wanted to put

emphasis on how much

I love it


I loved Keele the

1st time I saw it.

I was just a 17 year old

in awe of its

beauty (and so many squirrels in

one place),

but I’ve got far more

important things to say.

The way tutors seem

passionate what they teach,

trying to help you reach

your dreams.

I believe Keele is the

prettiest campus and you’ll


change my mind.

I find something new

every year.

But, most of all,

I don’t have to fear being


Social cliches don’t exist,

popularity is just a myth,

and political are always

a topic.

I have never met people

so friendly,

and maybe its just my age,

but I could write pages on Keele.

I told you university is full

of diversity,

and you probably remember.

Every September,

Keele welcomes students from

all over the world.

It doesn’t matter who you

are or your place of birth.

Whether you have a faith

or not,

whether you’re male or


It doesn’t matter what

you believe

or what you don’t.

You won’t be judged,

Keele is a place for anyone.

A space,

a community,

a family.

I thank Keele for the past years,

I feel like you passed my


this experience has been

the best.

Keele University = Diversity.


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