Wine & Pipes.

I was just the girl with the golden eyes,

but you used to cry when you smoked your pipes

and drank your wine.

Forgive me for I forgot how this one goes,

how this fairytale ends is one I have

never known.

You called me your princess,

dined me real fine,

but I knew it could never last,

girls like me,

don’t get guys like you.

You used to quote Poe and write

me lines,

but your metre was all wrong

and I told you so.

I asked you to give me a song,

there wasn’t any notes

that suited someone like me,

your guitar refused to tune.

In May, your forgot my birthday

and tried to make it up,

but I had another friend and

you told me we had to end.

It was never you,

it was always me.

He asked if we could see each other,

but my heart was stuck to yours.

I wish you’d left some wine in the


just a little.

It used to wash away when we fought,

and you told me I was stupid,

that I didn’t know a thing.

I told you smoking pipes

would kill you,

and you spat the ash in my face.

All along, I asked you to go at

a slower pace,

take your time,

we have forever to explore each


I bought you a pipe,

thought you split it in half

in front of me.

You warned me you knew

who I was.

I was just the girl who didn’t

get guys like you.

I don’t know why I stuck


Intoxicated by your scent,

I couldn’t pull away.

Friends warned that you’d

destroy me one


‘Boys like that make you



you made me cry every other day


you ripped up Gatsby after telling

me it was shit.

I was just the girl with golden eyes,

and I sympathise with anyone who

falls for you.

Girls like me,

we can never stay with,

guys like you.



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