Oh Mummy.

Oh mummy,

I’m on my way home,

tell dad I did him proud,

that’s why I wrote this poem.

Oh mummy,

I can’t wait to be back,

my mind has seen such war

and they killed my friend Jack.

Oh mummy,

I can’t wash away the blood,

I feel it every day and it

squelches in the mud.

Oh mummy,

I wish this had never been,

but I did my country proud

so now tired minds can sleep.

Oh mummy,

tell dad I’m sorry for this,

I can’t be his boy anymore,

no matter how much you wish.

Oh mummy,

bury me with the others,

remember us all,

don’t weep for me mother.

Oh mummy,

tell others of this,

tell them what happened,

give my face one last kiss.

Oh mummy,

I’m sorry I didn’t come back,

but many others didn’t

and lost their way down that track.

Oh mummy,

please remember us all,

don’t let them forget,

and think of those who forever fall.



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