Personal Pieces: Why Uni is a ‘pain’.

University is supposed to be the best experience of your life. That’s what everyone says, anyway.

Admittedly, my time at university has been exciting and pretty fun. I’ve grown so much as a person and learned a lot about myself. However, there is a probably a side people never see.

This goes out to all the spoonies out there.

University hasn’t gotten easier as time has gone on for me. It wasn’t so difficult in first year, but now as I get older, my joints hate me more.

I think it is the intensity which brings me down. I can never sleep enough, I’m trying to not take painkillers for fear of what people think and my knees hate me 24/7.

University is difficult anyway, but with the added pressure of a chronic condition it can become a little harder. Most days, it is quite hard for me to get out of bed, and I think that relates to a lot of people in the same position as me.

I try hard to get involved as much as I can, and I don’t let it impact me but it is still there.

I know that other people out there will relate to me and hope that people know they’re not alone.

Uni is fun for everyone, but it is starting to take its toll. I feel like I could sleep forever.


Til next time, Rachel ❤


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