New Look Haul.

On Wednesday 30th November, I went to Manchester for a little day trip. I’ve always liked the home section of New Look so I decided to pick up a few things. These are all bits and bobs which I have since added to my university room.

‘I Will Survive’ Artificial Plant


The colour of this plant pot is pretty Autumn/Winter relevant. However, the colour of it will never go out of fashion and will look good in any type of room.

Aside from the motto on the front, the plant is a lovely addition to any empty looking windowsill or desk.

I was kind of gutted that the pot had a lot of scratches on the front when I picked it up. Every one of them in the shop had scratches, which I think New Look need to resolve. The writing on mine had also worn off when it was in the bag, again, a problem New Look needs to look at.

Buy this for £9.99 here

Black Weekly Planner Chalkboard


This is a really good idea for anyone who is trying to organise their life. I have a lot going on each week, so a stand up planner seemed like a good idea.

The quality of it is okay but it has a tendency to fall over every now and then. It isn’t too easy to write on, but I guess chalkboards normally never are.

They do provide you with chalk, which is good and it has a hanger on the back. I have mine on my desk so I can see, clearly, what I am doing every day of the week.

Buy this for £7.99 from here. 

Gold Glitter Confetti Shake It Frame

IMG_4891.JPGI actually didn’t realise this was a photo frame until I unpacked it.

The whole concept is pretty cool and I love the glitter. It doesn’t look tacky as you’d think it would and everyone needs a bit of glitter in their life.

It looks lovely stood on my desk and I assume it will be quite relaxing after a stressful day. Each photo frame is 6×4 and has a different quote in it it, and sometimes different kinds of shapes and glitter.

Buy a similar one here for £5.99.


Hope you enjoyed this little haul! Please like, comment and follow this blog 🙂





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