You chose Her. (Spoken Word)

I never wanted this to end,

I tell you that from my heart.

I think we both played our part in

tearing each other up,

eating each other alive.

I didn’t want to see this happen,

but she is pretty and you can see,

I guess that is why you chose




I’m not angry,

I’ll always love you,

how could I hate you?

You taught me how to fight,

to love,

you taught me to rise above,

let them think you’re hurt, that always works…

I thought it was forever,

but I guess everyone thinks that,

until its Thursday night and you’re not home.

I knew you were with her,

I was so alone in that house.

A house,

no longer a home.

What we had is gone.

I wanted to believe it wasn’t real,

those things we call feelings playing up,


The irrational thoughts,

the monster under the bed,

the dark and scary thoughts that hide in

your head.

I wanted to believe you were out late,

waiting for a mate,

instead you were with her…

on a date.

I don’t want to hate you,

I don’t want to hate her,

maybe I considered murder

once or twice,

but I was angry.

I understand what happened now,

she’s just a selfish cow.

I told myself I wouldn’t get mad…

I’m glad you found someone else,

it makes me smile.

I feel warm,

I feel like I no need to ‘perform’ pretend love.

Lets not lie,

we had flaws and faults,

we fought our wars between each other,

sad that we just

never saw we were falling apart.

I didn’t realise I wasn’t good enough,

that you were done,

you’d had enough of me.

I just want to rewind back time,

not have to write these stupid


or created this piece of crap.

Something I composed on a


the last remnant of what I knew.

I don’t want to feel sad,

I don’t want to scream out my lungs,

I want to feel peace.

I guess it had to end,

we could never mend what we had.

And I’m not mad,

I don’t want to be.

You tore me up,

and the pieces vanished.



2 thoughts on “You chose Her. (Spoken Word)

  1. This reflects a place I’ve been and I’m sure many others can relate too. It’s strange how reading something can take you right back. Writing really helps me through broken times x


    1. I of course write pieces that a lot of people will relate to. That is the great thing about Spoken Word, it can take you back to memories you didn’t even know you had đŸ™‚ x

      Liked by 1 person

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