Personal Pieces: Why I think New Year resolutions are stupid.

I don’t know why a New Year is supposed to change us as a person. I hate the idea of resolving that the next year will be better.

However, I do really wish that 2017 is better to ALL of us. 2016 has been a really crap year- I feel we can all agree with that. Well, it was pretty crap for me. I hated the idea of Brexit (which is now in the dictionary- look it up) and I didn’t agree with the presidential election. I made all that very clear.

I think that changing yourself or something about yourself, your life etc is a gradual process. I don’t think you can decide you want to do this. I think you know when you want to change something.

New Year resolutions are stupid because they make you think you need to be better, that you need to change… they make you feel less than you are. New Year resolutions are societies way of trying to change you into what they want- and I think that is stupid…. pretty stupid.

I don’t like New Year resolutions because I like to eat rubbish, I probably can’t not be a bitch to people and I don’t want to smile 24/7.

I try to better myself every day, every week… not once a year because of some stupid tradition.

New Year resolutions are a no from me… what do you think?

Til next time,



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