Christmas isn’t a time to feel alone, and you’re not.

Christmas is always a time where people get together with friends, with family and people they love. It is about enjoying the festivities and spending time to appreciate what you have.

Unfortunately, it can be a really difficult time for people, and that is why I’m here to leave a little Christmas message for you.

The festivities and celebrating can be too much for some people, some people may face arguments… some people may even not have anywhere to go this Christmas.

I hope that you can spread cheer and reach out to someone. Reach out to a family member who is struggling, a friend who feels sad at this time of year.

Give some money to that person you walk past who is homeless, wish someone Merry Christmas and spend the day appreciating what you have and where you are.

Christmas is a time to love, forgive and appreciate what we have and are given. It is a time for happiness yet some people won’t feel this and they won’t feel what some of us do. It doesn’t take long to say you love someone or say thank you.

It is a time to reflect and help others who need support from us. I hope you can take 2 minutes to think about them.

And, tomorrow, or tonight, if you are someone who feels alone then know you’re not. There is someone in this world thinking about you, and you’re not alone.


I just want to say some thanks to people.

I appreciate everything I have and the amazing support I have on my blog. I have some great friends and family who support me in what I do. Friends who put up with my madness and weirdness, friends who are there when I need it.

My followers and readers have been amazing this year and it has given me a huge confidence boost, thank you so much for that.

Whatever you do tomorrow, and however you celebrate- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you soon.



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