I am an Addict (Spoken Word).

I am an addict,

I find myself tragic,


but downright magic.

I’m addicted,

to something so good that it


it burns at my insides,

tears at my bones,

keeps me moaning through the cold nights.

I wish I wasn’t addicted,

that I wasn’t so ridiculous,

but then I’d be boring,

what they always call me.

I just wish you could see why I do



my reason for breaking myself down,

helping myself drown.

I am an addict,

don’t try to help me out because

I don’t need your sympathy,

I don’t need your monogamy,

and I don’t want to be

treated differently.

I am addicted,

addicted so hard that I can’t decide

what to do,

my body feels brand new every time,

but then it crumbles and


The end calls to me,

reaches from below.

You always asked why I stooped so low,

but I guess you just don’t know,

or understand,

or care to learn why.

I told you not to cry over me,

but you flooded the bathroom

when you attempted to say goodbye.

You asked me to write this down,

tell you why,

but the words spilled like tea

and ran all the way to

my knee,

like a constant flowing sea.

I am an addict,

and sometimes it may hurt you,

but it hurts me more,

and I try to pour my heart out of my chest,

but you tell me I’m a waste,

I should give up.

I used to be addicted to you,

but you lost your smell,

you loved someone else,

you called me a bitch and asked

me why I opened my mouth.

After all,

I was always wrong.

I wrote you a song,

but you smashed the CD and burned

the cover,

‘To a horrific lover’. 

You didn’t even know until that night,

I just wish I could reverse,

because I curse the day you found out.

I am an addict,

I can’t stop what I do,

and I won’t stop just for you.

I am an addict,

and I can’t predict how long

I’ll last,

but I hope my death is fast.



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