NARS & Sephora Haul.

Being in America, I had to go to Sephora to see all the lovely things they have. Their make up is pretty cheap and good for what it is. Additionally, we stopped in Bloomingdales and I bought a few NARS products. I thought I’d do a haul of the makeup I bought for Christmas.

Enjoy! xx


Orgasm Blusher – I got mine for $30. The link leads to a limited edition one-which I didn’t get- at $39.

Look at how beautiful it is! One of my favourites in January so far. Perfect for paler skin as it adds a little bit of colour to the cheeks but not too much.

Oil Free, Pro-Prime, Pore Refining Primer. $35. 

I’d had an issue with my foundation caking on my forehead and didn’t know why. I moisturise every day and night, so what was I doing wrong?

The sales assistant at NARS suggested this, so I thought I’d give it a go.

So far, it seems to be working okay but only time will tell!

Fast Ride, Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick. $28. 

I always love dark coloured lipsticks but I’m not a fan of matter lipsticks. My lips tend to dry up a lot and matter lipsticks make them look 10x worse.

I found this and tried it on in the shop – it was silky and smooth on the lips.

I mean, look at that colour! And the packaging is just everything you dream of when buying a lipstick.

Smooth and beautiful- surely a winner when pulled out in public.


I think I was probably overwhelmed by the sheer amount of makeup in Sephora. And the fact their own line has some pretty perfect makeup- for some pretty cheap prices.

Courtisane, Rouge Cream Lipstick $12.50 

Just look at that colour and the packaging (once again) is superb. I love the shape of the package as perfect for slipping in your handbag.

Again, I’ve tried the colour and I love it- also, this one shouldn’t dry out lips!

The Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner $8.50 

Perfect for giving your brushes a little spritz every day. We all know that clean brushes are much better for our skin.

Depending on size, they range from $8.50-$15.00

Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner $14.00

Again, a must have product. There is a bar of soap cleanser at the bottom and then a piece to rub the brushes on.

This is a perfect compact carry round for taking on holidays.

Plus, it smells pretty good.

(Get a mini one for $8)

Nutmeg Brown, Retractable Brow Pencil – Waterproof  $12

I’ve wanted a new eyebrow pencil for a while and thought this was perfect. I don’t tend to fully colour in my eyebrows but I shade them a little to shape them a little.

I like to have thick eyebrows, but this product is turning out to be pretty good.

Mermaid Tail, Colourful Eyeshadow $10.

I love to do mermaid like eyes during Spring and Summer. This colour is absolutely beautiful and looks amazing on the skin.

It is blue with pieces of purple running through it. Pictures can’t do it justice!


Shea & Rose, Lip Mask  $3 each. 

Who doesn’t love a lip mask? I found these pretty interesting and thought my lips needed some treatment after the horrible Winter weather.

I tried the Shea lip mask and it seemed to repair them a bit, but they weren’t repaired for that long.



Thanks for reading!

Do you have any Sephora loves? What about NARS?

Leave a comment below!




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