Look after Yourself (Exams and Deadlines).

I know that many of my followers will have exams, revision or deadlines round about now. I understand how stressful this can be, being in third year at uni I’ve been through this a lot. And I thought I’d give you a few times on what you can do*.

*Bare in mind that these might not help you, they might not be for you or you might have to adjust them for yourself.

  1. Take breaks- As simple as this sounds, take a break from revision or writing essays. You can’t concentrate for hours on end. I tend to do 20 mins revision with 10 min breaks. Your concentration generally tends to wain at around 20 mins.
  2. Use different resources (more for if you’re just starting out with exams e.g GCSE)- Everyone learns differently and you have to find a way that suits you. This gives you an idea of what will help you learn in future.
  3. Reward Yourself- If you’ve learned something new then have a piece of chocolate. Have a bath after an exam or paint your nails. Set something that will motivate you to do well in your exam.
  4. Find an environment you can study in- Make the distinction between revising/studying and relaxing. Probably one of the best things you’ll ever do.
  5. Look after yourself- Sleep, eat, stop when you’re feeling down, take time out if you need it and ask for help from those around you. Remember, this is not the end of the world. There is always a way to solve things. You’re strong, and you’ll be okay.
  6. Know that others have been there too- You are not alone in feeling rotten and stressed, everyone has been in the same situation.
  7. Celebrate ending exams/deadlines – Take a night to celebrate with friends. It is okay to take time out every now and then. Don’t feel guilty for giving yourself some time off.


I wish you the best of luck with exams or deadlines. You’re strong; you got this! I have done lots of exams and they are never as bad as you think they’ll be.




*the image for this blog post does not belong to me.

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