Why I Marched In London.

I know what you’re expecting from this. I can already sense what you’re going to think. I can hear the hateful comments. Picture them as they upload, as you click your fingers on the keys. The face you pull as you troll. Misogynist, racist, homophobic… Please stop. 

Saturday was an important day for people all over the world. And, I say people, because the march is for everyone. The march was so important that we cannot underestimate the power it will have. The march brought together so many who refuse to accept what is happening in the world.

Saturday was a particularly exciting day for me. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realised the shit that women have to deal with. That anyone who is a vague minority has to deal with. And I direct that at anyone who isn’t white, or a male or straight. Don’t get me wrong, issues still exist, but I never realised until I grew up.

I have this particular memory of being bullied by 2 boys in year 8. They called me horrible things, asked me horrible things and were just generally little shits. (I’m expecting the excuse of- ‘just kids’ ‘boys will be boys’… yeh no, screw you). It upset me so much that it probably still stays with me today. It is such a distinct memory. And I seem so angry, because that’s what I am. I’m an angry, and pissed off, feminist, who has had enough.

Now, I want to set the record straight that I’m not a ‘white feminist’ as you imagine. I’ve faced enough rubbish and somewhat, trolling, after I decided to join the march. And I have my legitimate reasons for this. I’m not so ‘privileged’ that I have nothing to complain about, I’m not complaining about the price of a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I’m not some dumb girl who has no idea what she’s marching for.

So, if you’re a misogynistic troll who would LOVE to say that to me, then jog on mate. That’s not what I want here, and you’ll just be wasting your time, and mine.


I am sick and tired of the rubbish that happens in this world and I don’t like being quite about things that annoy me. Many people will tell you that sometimes I can be quite straight talking (and that doesn’t make me a bitch). I use my voice when others can’t speak up.

My pet hates are: FGM, oppression of women, oppression of homosexuals, oppression of anyone who isn’t a man who is also white, oh and also, let’s not forget straight. I also hate the treatment of women around the world, the inequality that is blatantly obvious in many countries and whining people who don’t understand feminism.

I also hate those people who don’t flush the toilet after they use it, put the milk in before tea and those nasty ones who don’t say thank you when you hold a door open for them. Though, that’s for another day.

Now, I’m going to get down to some real shit, so pay close attention. The Marches on Saturday, all around the world, were a show of how many people are annoyed at what is happening. People gathered from all around to show how they feel about what is happening. Like people say, we could be the generation to make a difference, because, we won’t stand for it.

Personally, I marched for equality around the world. I wasn’t marching because a man touched my foot and it made me feel oppressed… also, please get that thick idea of feminism out of your head, its somewhat patronising and insulting. Additionally, I marched because I have faced shit in the past which I do not agree with. I’m not discussing it here, but it has impacted how I face my life and deal with things. And what happened probably happened because I’m a woman, and I’m scared to even discuss it to friends due to how I’ll be perceived… because I’m female.


For now, I don’t need a man to come along and tell me how I should feel or why marching was silly. I can see why you try and help me out (probably because I’m thick because I’m female, so I probs need some help from a strong man?). Also, I am writing about a true story that did in fact happen… yep, that’s a thing.

I’m not writing this article to provide you with statistics, fact and rubbish. I’m not trying to cover anything. I’m writing what I thoroughly believe and why I marched… why everyone marched. I’m not sugar coating what I believe anymore, because I’m angry.

I’m fuming.

And, I think all I’m trying to say is that marching on Saturday was the right thing to do. It brought a change around; it started a movement. Don’t slander, bully or slate people who marched. They didn’t impact you, they didn’t hurt you and they didn’t attack you, personally.

As has been said many times, people who benefit from the patriarchy are sometimes scared to let it go. We understand that, but we’re trying to help.

Marching on Saturday was a big deal to me; I belonged for once. I felt like I was doing something right for the World. We were marching for people around the world who can’t march and use their voice. We used what we have to march for them, and I don’t see a problem with that.

However, I see a problem with the response to the marches. And, it is staring us right in the face, but no one will acknowledge it.

Thanks for reading!




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