I hurt, I have a past… but so does everyone else.

I find the society we live in today to be a strange one. And, current situations and affairs have made me slightly irate. I never have understood why other peoples past seems to matter than what other people have gone through.

I mean, let me tell you this…

No one has it easy in this world*

*Okay, lets take 5 mins to exclude people from this list: Donald Trump, dictators in general, anyone else who has literally no care for the fate of humanity? Yeh, cross them out of your mind.

That is the cold, heartless and frightening truth that I see every day. No matter your race, religion, gender or anything else, you are all in the same boat. We’re all paddling along trying to get somewhere, but the destination isn’t set yet.

Most of the time, people are really suffering inside and you just don’t see it. Mainly, because people don’t want to seem weak, or bother friends, or be judged as weird. I could write a really long list of why I keep a lot of things to myself.

Now, I’m not writing to complain… because, complaining gets you nowhere… apart from a free meal every now and then and a discount. However, my point is that we are too quick to forget everyone else around us. We tend to stray towards people who we think need help, and forget about people who look like they don’t.

I’m really, so ashamed, to say that I have struggled with a lot for the past couple of years. The past couple of weeks it has come back to haunt me, and I’m fighting it. I’m fine. However, no one knows, no one sees it.

I’m fairly sure that other people have the same situation, and have had it before many times, and have been invisible to those around them.

We focus too much on what is poking us in the back, stabbing us in the neck and staring us straight in the eye. We have to look deeper, look after each other.

My reasons for this, because when you focus too much on one thing and make a deal about it, you almost make the other problems seem less important. However, they’re probably not. You push every other problem away and make people feel less significant.

As if their problem doesn’t really exist, or it doesn’t really matter. We honestly don’t want to do that to people.

So, all I ask is that we acknowledge other people. Show you care and show that you’re bothered by what they are going through.

However, look after yourself at the same time and remember you got this.

Life is tough; it will try to tear you apart and destroy you, but it will only do that if we let it (my original quote, please don’t steal or use without my permission). 



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