13 Reasons Why Should make You feel Uncomfortable.

And here’s why…

I’m blatantly sick of the people who say they dislike 13 Reasons Why because it’s boring- can we just discuss this for a moment. How could you find this kind of programme boring?

I believe it’s because we’re made to face what actually happens in life, how people are treated and how diabolical human beings really can be.

I’m just into episode 4, so I can’t comment on the whole series (which I will do when I finish it), but the first three episodes have pulled at my heart strings. I feel for Hannah.

I’ve heard of what to expect in the series and what various reasons Hannah gives, so I understand what the show touches on.

13 Reasons Why should make you want to get up and help someone in need, it should most definitely make you feel so uncomfortable to watch such scenes, but it is the tragic truth.

It is what many people go through every day and until we acknowledge that, then shows like this are so important.

Granted, the book brought such issues into light, but by making it into a Netflix series- they’re really shoving it in the public eye. The hype of the series, the actors and the producers have really geared it towards lots of people. It’s a show that I, assume, will appeal to many people.

The show isn’t supposed to have drama & action every 5 minutes, it isn’t supposed to make you scared 24/7- it’s supposed to really make you understand how harsh teenagers can be.

Whilst writing this, I speak from such experience of ‘high school’ (mainly secondary school and sixth form). People aren’t exactly ‘nice’ in secondary school, scratch that, people aren’t exactly ‘nice’ at all. 13 Reasons Why, captures that exact way that teenagers can act towards each other.

It also catches onto the way people pass blame. A few times, Hannah is mentioned as killing herself for ‘attention’ and doing all this just to make a show. No one wants to acknowledge that they really drove someone to kill themselves.

13 Reasons Why is a staunch, realistic and heart-wrenching series. We’re forced to confront the dark side of humanity through the eyes of Hannah. Things that happen behind closed doors are brought into the public sphere. 13 Reasons Why is our wake up call.

It should make you uncomfortable, it should make you cry and it should make you want to make a difference.



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