Opinion Pieces: Why is #Feminismiscancer even a thing?

Truth be told, this despicable hashtag shows how much feminism is still needed in the world.

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As a feminist, I’ve encountered a few obstacles when trying to put across my views. However, today, I innocently decided to post a picture on Instagram of a new book I received on gender equality. I hash tagged it #feminism and then came across what honestly shocked me. There were 50,000 results for #feminismiscancer, and it made me really think.

Why is this even a thing? Why do people feel the need to spread such hate?

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I think what impacts me the most is to compare it to such a horrific disease as cancer. This isn’t even funny anymore. This is immoral, sad and disheartening. Feminism doesn’t kill people, it isn’t being fought to protect people. Feminism only attempts to help people, not hurt people. There is nothing being done to hurt people by the feminists in the world.

Feminism is still a touchy subject in our society, but feminists aren’t killing your family. They aren’t threatening your quality of life or the way your body works. They aren’t spreading through your body to kill you. They aren’t toxic.

The hatred for feminism is unreal. I just don’t understand why… we are in the 21st century, it is time for change. 

Next time you call feminism ‘cancer’, can you think about the people who have died or had relatives lost to such a destroying disease? This joke is no longer funny. It is, really, offensive to anyone who has lost someone through cancer.

Truth be told, this despicable hashtag shows how much feminism is still needed in the world.

The prospect of equality is seen as a truly ridiculous concept, that is compared to such a horrific disease as cancer. I may not know everything, but I know that feminism isn’t exactly a negative in this rotten world.


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