Dear Ex-Best Friend.

Dear Ex-Best Friend,

I hope you don’t mind me writing, it’s been years since we last spoke.

I’m still sad about what you did, and even more sad that it broke us up. I’m sorry we lost contact and I’m sorry I wasn’t a good enough friend. I guess we all grow older, and time pulls us apart.

How are you? I see your social media and think about how good a time you seem to be having. I see you’ve deleted me from your digital life. I tried to find just one picture of us, but they appear be gone. Just like our friendship.

You seem happy with your new friends, and I’m glad. I’m just jealous that they get to have you as a friend and see how lovely you are as a person. I wish I’d seen that when we were best friends, but I was way too young to understand.

What are you doing now? I have some new friends, but they will never be like you. No friend can replace one that you lost in the past. I’m hoping to graduate university this summer, isn’t it funny how quickly you grow? I must have lost track of the years we spent together, and the many days we spent laughing together.

Remember when we had that argument, but we made up in the end? That was real friendship.

Ex-Best Friend, I miss you more than you can even imagine. I wish that you would text me and want to hang out sometime, but I don’t think that will happen. You have new friends now, you’ve forgotten I exist.

I don’t know if you’ll ever want to be friends again, but I’m hoping we can resolve what happened. I hope we can meet up one time, forget the past months and be friends again. I miss the sleepovers, the conversations and the way we laughed constantly.

It’s pretty lonely sometimes to not have a friend who calls me everyday, texts me all the time or pops round every now and then. I don’t have anyone else who will share in my love for Netflix and fan over lead characters. I don’t have anyone else who shares my love for food or binge watching TV series’.

People say they’re thankful that they lost friends, but you weren’t one of the poisonous ones. You were the best friend I ever had. You knew how to cheer me up, watched out for me and took pride in our friendship.

I know you won’t even read this, but it’s probably worth the try. So much has happened in my life, and I miss sharing it with you.

I was in a bad place when we last spoke and the last few years have been rough, but I want you to know I’m here if you want to speak again. The lost years and conversations could fill 15 notebooks, even without trying.

Ex-Best Friend, I want you to know that I haven’t changed from who I was. I don’t want you to believe the rumours. They are not true. I want you to believe that I’m the friend I used to be.

I hope you don’t mind me writing this, but I really really miss you.





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