Finishing a Degree and New adventures.

It has been three long, difficult  and challenging years. However, as I have reached the end of my degree, I wonder how much I’ve learned from university. I wonder what is to come next and how my 21st birthday has shaped who I am.

A degree is by no means easy, and is definitely not for everyone. The three years for me were an unexpected struggle but it has given me a fresh outlook on the world around me. You go into university as a shy and wide-eyed fresher, ready for a new direction. By the end, you can write at least 2,000 words of an essay in a day, study on minimum sleep and know how to have a cheap night out. Much of a cliché, but you definitely leave university far more of an adult than you were when you first started. The experiences, the people and the learning shape you into the person you were destined to be.

Every single day of work, every sleepless night and every 9am lecture finally boils down to a final year project. Mine, was in the form of a dissertation, but I can’t speak for the rest of us. Some people did two dissertations… rather them than me. Three years (more or less) hone down to the final 9,000-10,000 words of your university degree, scary, right?

Since finishing my degree, I have this new felt freedom, but I also feel a hole in my life. I’m no longer spending all my time studying, finding new writers or planning essays. Consequently, I will miss university due to this very experience of learning and independent studying. Additionally, the people you meet are far different to what you’ve always expected. There is a varied crowd, no doubt, at university but they all bring something different to your experience.

Hopefully, September will bring me a new adventure of converting my degree into a law degree. The University of Law has offered me a place on the GDL for September 2017 and I can’t wait to take a new direction. I’ve always been interested in law, but I’ve never felt smart enough for it. However, dreams are made for you to follow them, and this is what I’m doing. As much as I enjoyed my English degree, I don’t think it was for me. It wasn’t what I really wanted in life.

New Adventures don’t have to be a negative thing; it is good to start something new. I’m ready to meet some new people, and start a new chapter of my life. I can’t wait; it couldn’t come sooner!

And, as I finish my short reflections on the past three years, I ask you… what do you want to do in life?

… Are you going to follow your dreams? Leave your comfort zone?

Or …

… Will you follow the crowd?


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4 thoughts on “Finishing a Degree and New adventures.

  1. I’ve got one more year left of uni and if I’m honest I am petrified to finish and go into ‘the real world’! Are you definitely going to go to the law degree or are you applying for full time jobs as well? Scary to think I’m going to have to be doing that in under a year! x

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    1. Hey, it can seem daunting to go somewhere new, but there will be guidance along the way. Yep, I’ve been accepted for the GDL, which is a year long heavily intense course, as long as I get a 2:2 in my degree! You will be fine, my dear x

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