Hello friends,

I wanted to take 5 minutes of your lovely day to tell you about a group I’m, happily, a part of. Focusing on female empowerment, this Facebook group is not one to be missed!

With 77,472 members, Girlsmouth is one of the largest groups on Facebook. With many posts every day, the group provides much needed support and love for girls around the world.

It cuts through the crap of online groups and gets straight to the point of what a group should be. The admins constantly watch the group to stop things getting out of hand, and that is something I particularly love. Groups I’ve been in before have caused various problems with members due to bullying and name calling, but the admins are clear on their rules.

With the description of, ‘we want you to feel completely comfortable in this group, anything anyone says STAYS in this group weather that is ranting about your bitch mother in law or sharing your new undie pics because you feel like a sex goddess. The group is 16+’, it aims to bring together women over trivial matters, such as what to eat for dinner to important matters, such as deaths in the family and various other things.

Created by Chai Todd, the group has seen an increase in its membership after various viral posts that have rocked the internet. One of them being the post by Megan Emily about her predicament with a lifeguard. Women rushed to the group to read Megan’s story and find out what did really happen, after all.

The aim of the group is to bring love, support and gossip to the every day lives of many girls. There is nowhere better to ask what your dress looks like or if you should wear purple nail varnish with your outfit. Like a huge friendship group, Girlsmouth is one of a kind.

Mental Health also plays a big part in this group, with many girls seeking help. The responses are constantly positive, loving and supportive. Mental Health is definitely discussed in this group, breaking the stigma and taboo image that is held of it in society.

The membership of Girlsmouth is constantly rising, with another 10 members added whilst I wrote this blog post. It is definitely the place to be this Summer!

You can join the group here and also give their page a like here.


Thanks so much for reading. Give me a like, comment and follow! x



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