How I passed my Driving Test.

As someone who took two tests before passing her driving test, I thought I would let you into how I passed third time round.

Lots of people find the Driving Test daunting and a stressful 40 minutes for them. However, I hope these tips help you out a bit.

Before Lessons:

  1. Make sure you are getting an instructor who knows what they are doing. You can find plenty of DVSA approved instructors online. You want someone who knows how to pass your test and make you a safe driver.
  2. Read around for prices. Don’t be ripped off.
  3. Have a think about how many lessons you will need- ask your instructor to evaluate you and see what you’ll need.
  4. Really decide if you are ready to drive. Driving is a big step in your life. You don’t have to start at 17. I started at 17 and failed my test twice… I was too young, I didn’t feel comfortable and was constantly scared. I started again at 21 and felt very confident.

Taking driving lessons:

  1. Try to feel confident in your driving but go at your own pace. Don’t let other drivers intimidate you, and don’t feel you have to do your test if you’re not ready.
  2. Take as much as you can from one lesson- if you feel you need practice on something then tell the instructor. You are paying them, after all/
  3. If you don’t want to do manual, try automatic. As someone who passed in an automatic, I didn’t feel the need for a manual. Obviously, they suggest you pass in a manual but it was less harsh on my knees.
  4. Drink lots of water to calm your nerves and try to not stress out. You’re in safe hands, they are approved by driving examiners.
  5. Push yourself- you can spend years doing lessons unless you motivate yourself to work hard and get your license.

During your exam:

  1. Eat many bananas. I found they actually do help your nerves a lot.
  2. Try meditation or take a couple of minutes to calm yourself down.
  3. Constantly reassure yourself that you can do this. Self-confidence is the key. I told myself I could do it, and I passed third time.
  4. Try to not feel scared of the examiner. They are not out to fail you, they want you to pass. Sometimes, they may drop subtle hints that you need to do something they haven’t seen yet.
  5. Just be safe. That’s all they want. If you turn the right way, it is not a fail. They are testing you on safety, not on your sense of direction.
  6. Remember the basics and the things you need to do in your exam to show you are safe. Checking your mirrors constantly is a MUST! 
  7. If you pass, then well done and safe driving.
  8. If you fail, lots of people take a while to pass… don’t feel downhearted. Practice what you failed on and try again!

Hope these helped.

I’ll produce more soon!

Much love, have a good Thursday x



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