I am Not Disappointed.

I am not disappointed.

Why would I be?

I passed my degree with a 2:2.

Yes, this gal actually managed to gain her degree, however it didn’t come easy. My road to this end was long, difficult and painful.

Many people would say that a 2:2 means nothing in the world, but I politely (see: not very politely) disagree with them. A grade is just a piece of paper, well for me it is.

The past three years have been a really difficult journey for me.  I had three surgeries to try and fix my knees, I dislocated my kneecaps numerous times, I spent much time in hospital or in an ambulance, I left uni so many times to go home, and I felt absolutely isolated from friends and my uni experience.

I am lucky I even passed my degree. Most of it I spent at home and had to independently read books, work out essays and submit work. I found it so challenging, but I made it out the other end.

That is why, after some careful consideration, I am proud of myself. I have come a long way since I started university. I’ve had to learn to walk again, get used to metal in my legs and deal with my disability. I have taken on much in these years and I will not feel upset with myself.

Disappointment is something I used to feel in myself because I never seemed good at anything, but I’m putting that behind me now. I’m taking a new approach on life.

I have gone through pain, I have gone through loneliness, I have experience surgery that has changed my life, I have lost people from my life, I have bore scars that will remain on me forever, I have grown in myself, I have worked my arse off.

I have accomplished something.


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