Bloggers Brunch @ Victor’s, Hale.

It was a lovely Saturday morning (1st July 2017) when I was invited to attend a bloggers brunch at Victor’s, a beautiful restaurant in Hale. About a 40 minute drive from me, I arrive around 5 minutes after it started.


I was immediately in love with the restaurant and the interior that covered the place. There was flowers hanging from the ceiling, the windows were perfectly round and the whole atmosphere felt luxurious, but still stylish.

After being greeted by the lovely Stephanie Ledigo, I took a seat and immediately noticed the menu in front of me. I was fairly hungry and the food they were serving sounded good. I met the lovely Missy Thorley and ordered my food, before peeking into my bag of goodies. A bag of Simply Argan products had been placed on each seat and I was excited to see them.

(You can view these products on my Instagram and there will be a blog post appearing soon. All I can say is… I’m a fan of the shampoo and conditioner!) 

Settling on the Lean & Green, I perused the food on the menu. There was plenty of amazing options, but avocados are one of my favourite foods. No one can resist some lovely avocado on toast, and the poached egg just screamed out to me. I opted for that and spent some time networking with other bloggers and having a lovely time.

The Lean & Green arrived looking pretty perfect, so much so it received it’s own photoshoot! The only word to describe it would have to be ‘green’. If you’re not a lover of vegetables, then I suggest that this is not for you. However, I found it refreshing, healthy and delicious. The ingredients sounded less appealing on paper, but I can assure you that they created a great drink when added together.


My poached eggs on toast with avocado and tomato arrived fairly quickly. It smelled tempting as it was placed on the table. Missy had gone for the same option and we agreed that it was a tasty dish. The egg was runny, the avocado was fresh and the tomatoes were full of flavour. The portion was just right for me and filled me up for most of the day.


After finishing my food, we were told a bit about the products. I was quite excited due to the fact they mentioned they could be used on scars and stretch marks- I’m still waiting on results but being optimistic.

It was a lovely start to my Saturday and the food was amazing.

Thanks to Ledigo PR, Simply Argan and Victors for a beautiful morning.



Until next time, Rachel x



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