Review: FrezyDerm Second Skin

Thanks to Rachel for sending me a sample of FrezyDerm sun lotion. I’ve been waiting a while to review it as the sun hasn’t been out much in the UK. However, the sun finally appeared in the past couple of days, and I tried it out.

First Thoughts

When it first arrived, I loved the packaging. The box was a bit bashed, but I think that was due to error during posting. It didn’t look like a typical sun lotion, which meant it excited me. I tried it on my skin and it was extremely silky. I couldn’t wait to see how it helped up in the sun.

Look: 9/10.    Feel: 10/10.



I tried the sun lotion whilst on holiday in Wales. Due to the warm weather, I thought it best to use sun lotion as I burn very easily. I gave some to my cousin as well to see what she thought.

The lotion itself is like a gel and it basically disappears when rubbed into the skin. I loved this as it didn’t make my skin look greasy or pale due to the colour of it. It was beautiful to apply and it left no smell either. The feel wasn’t heavy or sticky, it was just perfect.

After wearing it for a day, I realised that I had not burned, which I was so thankful for. It appeared that the product did in fact work!

Look: 9/10.   Feel: 10/10.  Effectiveness: 10/10.


Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved this product! Far different from anything else which makes it stand out from the rest. The fact it was more a gel than a cream meant it was super easy to apply and didn’t need to dry. The pump action makes it easy for anyone to use but means there is less likely to be mess or loss of product. The sleek design means that sunbathing has never been more glamorous!


Thanks to Rachel* for sending me this product to try.

See you soon, Rachel x


*This post is sponsored, but is my own and honest opinions.


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