BeautyBook Launch – 5th July 2017

July has been a month packed with many different blogger events and I’m here to tell you about one I recently attended in Manchester.

BeautyBook is a brilliant app (and website) that has been created by Amy Linton and Joe Abbott as a way to find beauty you can trust. Described as ‘TripAdvisor for beauty’ the app sure seems like a brilliant idea. As someone who found it difficult to settle with a hairdresser who I trusted and liked to visit, I find the idea to be one that is much needed.

The launch, itself, was in Neighbourhood- a lovely little restaurant/bar in Manchester. Situated in Spinningfields… Neighbourhood has a perfect vibe, yummy drinks and much space to socialise with friends. I decided to take my friend, Samantha, along with me.  A lover of all things beauty herself, I thought it an ideal event for us to attend together.


We were greeted by a photographer who captured the moment on camera and then we were directed towards the bar for a welcome drink. Having to drive later, I declined the drink but took a sip. I found it way too sweet for me, and some other bloggers, unfortunately, agreed with me.

I then was given a goody bag and was offered a quick massage. It was a surreal experience (having a massage next to a bar- and I was still clothed, don’t panic yourself), but the masseuse was chatty and helpful. She told me about her business and we had a lovely discussion. After the massage, we talked to Amy about the app and then I was asked if I wanted my hair curled. Meg, the hairstylist, decided to go for a glam hairstyle, which also reminded me of Gatsby.

Having my hair did, innit.

I felt like I was slightly betraying my hairdresser, and leaving a bit of a mess for her, as I was having my hair cut and styled the day after. However, I just couldn’t resist a little bit of glam pampering!

The final touch was a dot of glitter from WishUponASparkle , I say dot, but it was quite a lot! There were various colours to choose from but I opted for the gold, if you’re going to shine then make it count! It took a little while to finally leave my face, after much persistence, but it didn’t put me off having it done again! You feel like a princess covered in so much glitter.

Credit to Missy and her unforgettable photography skills

The night wouldn’t have been made without an appearance from Missy Thorley, Jacinta Dawn, Ellie Dixon-Smith  and Bex. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.50.41
Missy, Jacinta and moi

Overall, I absolutely loved the event and hope the app becomes popular. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already told my hairdresser to get on it! I hope you spread the word, too.


Like, comment and give lots of love.

Love, Rachel x




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